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Natural Killer (NK) Cells

Batch Type Size Age Sex Ethnicity BMI HLA Smoker CMV COA Price Add to Cart
002540 Vial 5M 43 M N/A 26.4 (measured) N -
002540 Vial 10M 43 M N/A 26.4 (measured) N -
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Product Overview

Natural Killer (NK) Cells

Product Description: Natural Killer (NK) cells are a lymphocyte of the immune system that play a crucial role in the immune system. They were first identified for their ability to target and destroy cancer cells and tumors without deliberate immunization.  They are conventionally characterized by the expression of CD56 cell surface marker and absence of CD3 marker. CD16 cell surface marker also plays a key role in the biology of NK cells by inducing release of cytokines and cytotoxic functions. 

Size: 5E6 and 10E6

Tissue Source: Leukopak

Cell Isolation: Cell isolation is performed on-site at our Gift of Life Center for Cell and Gene TherapyNK cells are positively isolated from leukopaks. Blood cells expressing CD56 maker are enriched from a leukopak using immunomagnetic beads that label the target cells, resulting in a purified NK cell population. Viability and purity post isolation are assessed by flow cytometry.

Cryopreservation and Storage: Cell products contain 10% DMSO to preserve cell viability and reduce loss during freezing. Cryopreserved products are stored in LN2 tanks and shipped on dry ice.

Thawing Instructions: Refer to our thawing protocol


GTP-compliant products are collected in an FDA-registered collection center at the Gift of Life vertically integrated facility in South Florida from IRB consented healthy human donors using the Spectra Optia® Apheresis System. To guarantee reduced variability and risk, Gift of Life has implemented standard operating procedures and formal quality systems as part of our GTP-compliant qualification. All collections are performed in accordance with FDA 21 CFR part 1271 for human cells, tissues, and cellular tissue-based products.

GTP-compliant products are eligible for use in research & development, clinical and commercial settings and applications in the US, EU and Canada.


RUO+ is Gift of Life Biologics’ research grade material offering. So, what is the plus (+)?

The RUO+ offering is the highest quality research grade material on the market. The RUO+ products are produced in a GTP facility and offer customers an introductory priced product ideal for companies conducting researchor process validation. The RUO+ products include infectious disease marker testing, next generation human leukocyte antigen (HLA) testing, product purity, potency testing and more.

RUO+ products are eligible for use in research & development settings and process validation.

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