Gift of Life Biologics is the source for cell and gene therapy developers needing high quality, consistent, timely and cost-effective starting material, powering research through commercialization.

Gift of Life Biologics is backed by its parent organization, the Gift of Life Marrow Registry. Over the course of 30 years, the Gift of Life team has developed powerful fully owned and operated assets to service the development of cell and gene therapies, including:

  1. Vertically integrated model, encompassing donor recruitment, donor management, quality systems, cell collection, cell processing, testing, cryopreservation and distribution all under one roof.
  2. An international public donor registry of 410,000 fully characterized allogeneic donors
  3. Cellect: Robust proprietary cell therapy supply chain software that includes front-facing CGT developer interface for order management and traceability.

Single Source Solution

Centralized in our 32,000 square foot facility, staffed by 85 professionals.
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A registry of over 400,000 fully characterized allogeneic donors, with requests managed by an expert Donor Services team of case managers and logistics coordinators.
A wholly owned state of the art, high capacity, apheresis center dedicated to volunteer, unrelated donors.
An in house state-of-the-art laboratory offering high complexity testing, cell processing and cryopreservation services.
Since 1999, Gift of Life has developed its proprietary cell therapy supply chain software to power all aspects of its operations.

Gift of Life by the Numbers

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