About Gift of Life Biologics

Gift of Life Biologics powers cell and gene therapy research and commercialization with high quality, consistent, cost-effective and timely starting material.

In collaboration with Gift of Life Marrow Registry and its decades of expertise recruiting and qualifying volunteer donors, and delivering marrow and stem cells around the world, Gift of Life Biologics is the logical donor source for cell and gene therapy developers.

Gift of Life’s vertically integrated 32,000 square foot facility includes donor recruitment, selection and qualification, product procurement, cell processing, cryopreservation and distribution.

Highest standards, experience and expertise

All activities are conducted in compliance with FDA Good Tissue Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices, speeding the pace to clinical translation. Gift of Life’s donor registry is accredited by the World Marrow Donor Association, its apheresis center is accredited by the AABB and its cellular therapy laboratory is CLIA certified with FACT accreditation on the horizon in 2022. Our proprietary centralized quality management system ensures the highest standards, uniformity and consistency of all products and services.

With the assets, infrastructure, technology, equipment, human resources, procedures, skills, experience and database of fully typed, healthy volunteer donors already in place, supplying starting material is a natural extension of our life-saving work.

Keeping fees low

Although Gift of Life Biologics charges hospitals and cell and gene therapy developers for its services, its fees are generally less than the prevailing rates charged by commercial tissue banks. This price efficiency is a result of Gift of Life’s vertically integrated starting material supply chain.

We believe in a future where every patient has the opportunity to find a cure. That’s why profits will be reinvested into Gift of Life’s charitable work to grow and maintain a registry of healthy donors.